Interesting tidbit after reading this thread came across these words the msdn about hosting wcf service using windows service youre probably used hosting wcf services with iis but vista and iis provide much more powerful and lighterweight option that supports additional protocols besides Apr 2011 how configure windows server 2008 host wcf. Windows process activation server was new server available with vista and windows server 2008. We ran the test for minutes and got exceptions perfmon. Troubleshooting wcf windows server 2008. Console application d. Was hosting option simplified with comprehensive step step approach host wcf service was windows activation service benefits using was. Aug 2009 troubleshooting wcf windows.Host wcf service iis windows 2008 the right way. Wcf service cannot exist its own has hosted windows process called host process. This the reason why microsoft specifically developed new method called windows activation services host wcf services. Windows services e. Now when have deployed the wcf oin windows server 2008 got hthi how configure windows server 2008 host wcf services iis 7was. Host wcf wcf hosting. By hosting the windows communication foundation wcf services was you can take first install the wcf activation components. Host wcf service was windows activation. Wcf component the application server role. Wcf hosting different iis versions. Install and configure wcf activation components windows server. We are trying build development environment windows server 2008 are. Nov 2015 need able install the wcf activation feature for dot net 4. Im trying host wcf server was under windows 2003. To see how leverage windows azure appfabric autostart activate the wcf. The windows activation service was system service available with windows vista. This topic outlines the basic steps required create windows process activation services also known was hosted windows communication foundation wcf click start control panel programs and features and click turn windows components off left pane. On windows vista and windows server 2008 machines you can host your wcf services with windows activation service was. If you didnt install for wcf services. I spent the last hours trying get site working local machine that uses. Im having the following problem. A wcf service can hosted using any the four ways given below. Configure wcf run windows 7. Using wcf can build secure. Hosting wcf service iis and enabling windows activation service to. So this tutorial clearly explains about the hosting the wcf windows activation service. And the model closely resembles the implementation that was chosen with iis 7. Under the microsoft. The client application will use wcfs netmsmqbinding send messages private queue the msmq server. We are trying build development environment windows server 2008 are install order was follows install iis install. Ideally this will display all the files contained your service directory the browser windows with the svc file missing. In server manager under roles summary verify that web server iis appears the list available roles. Para los que tienen activado con hack blog january 29.. Tap into our ondemand marketplace for windows communication foundation expertise. This article explains the basic steps host wcf service. Can hosted only iis while wcf service has all the following hosting options a. Microsoft windows host credential authorization protocol feature

We dont want use aspnetcompatibility mode case ever want take advantage net. Windows service hosting the wcf servicehost. Here small summary u2026 link for code samples used the demo Part hosting wcf service windows service. I assume you use windows server 2008 host wcf services iis with service bus endpoints. Sep 2007 wcf service program and can run standalone executable like. Windows communication foundation mhost newservicehost. Next need add binding the default web site